Maximize and Protect Your Business

Succession and Business Continuity Planning

It is an understatement to say you have worked hard to create and maintain your business, so we have created a two-step succession plan designed to ensure it has lasting value by maximizing your net worth, protecting your business and ensuring your family's security.

Step 1: Summit's Continuing Commission Agreement

The Continuing Commission Agreement pays a percentage of your commissions for a specified period to an assigned heir or beneficiary upon your retirement, disability or death. This is an initial, less formal solution and may not reflect the true valuation of your practice.

Step 2: A Strategic Partnership

For a more complete succession solution, Summit has partnered with FP Transitions and Succession Resources Group, both are the nation's leading providers of equity management, valuation, and succession planning services for the financial services industry.

Valuation and Benchmarking: Our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive valuation of your practice and track its growth on an annual basis.

Continuity Plan: If you or your succession-plan partner dies or becomes disabled during the execution of the succession plan, the continuity plan will protect the value of the business and ensure the proper transition of the practice.

Succession Plan: Our team will work with you to identify a potential succession partner who is aligned with your goals and ideals, including formal continuity agreements and an ongoing continuity backup listing.