Advisor Testimonials

Hear from our advisors why they chose to join Summit.

"Our business is a relationship business, and when I meet with my clients, it's all about my relationships"..."My practice has probably tripled since I've been with Summit"..."The technology platform that we function on is awesome!"... "My desktop - instantly - I can do anything I need to do. My clients are always amazed; they want to buy a stock, they want to sell a stock—ok it's done."... "I can pick up the phone and I can call anybody at Summit."


"I selected Summit primarily because of the outstanding reputation that they have."... "The folks at Summit, when you have a problem, and you need their assistance, they help out."


"The access to Smart Station, sets it apart."... "If you want to grow your business, as fast as possible and as streamlined as possible, Summit is an excellent way to go."


"If you ask someone at a wire house for example, they may focus on certain annuities or certain funds that they want you to do, maybe push those types of things versus being at Summit, you're open up to any investment."